OECD and EU test guidelines

Usually the studies for REACH information requirements on ecotoxicity, toxicity and physical-chemical properties are generated using test guidelines. These official guidelines have been approved by the OECD and EU.

Due to scientific and regulatory developments, test guidelines are updated and new ones introduced. With this web page, ECHA supports registrants by indicating how these may be used to meet the information requirements under REACH. For example, the role of new test guidelines within testing strategies is described, when appropriate. This information is provided before ECHA's guidance is formally updated.

The "Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment" may cover some of the guidelines. In those cases, the guidance should be consulted in addition to the information on this page.

The specific reference in the sections below is given to the OECD Test Guideline and to the EU Test Methods, when these are available.

eu test guidelines - expandable



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