Use maps

The use map concept is developed to improve the quality of the information on use and conditions of use communicated up the supply chain and the efficiency of this communication process.

Use maps are typically generated by downstream user sector organisations by collecting information on the uses and the conditions of use of chemicals in their sector in a harmonised and structured way. For this purpose, the “use map package” was developed under the CSR/ES Roadmap.

Sectors create use maps by making use of the templates from the use map package for the information needed to carry out exposure assessments such as the use description and the conditions of uses.

Registrants use available use maps developed by the downstream user sectors to prepare their chemical safety assessments under REACH that reflect relevant and realistic information on uses and conditions of use.

Who benefits from use maps?

Use maps benefit registrants. They give them:

  • information on uses and conditions of use that help them to carry out the chemical safety assessments (CSAs)
  • information directly from downstream user sectors, so the CSA can be based on realistic conditions of use that are representative of the sector
  • an effective way to get information on uses from downstream users sectors

Use maps benefit downstream users. They give them:

  • realistic and useful exposure scenarios for communication generated by suppliers based on use maps
  • harmonised and consistent information at sector level making it easier for companies to process the exposure scenarios received from all suppliers
  • a better chance that registrants will cover the uses in their registrations by 2018 and in any update of their dossier

Where can I find additional information?

Explore this web page further:

  • the second tab Templates and submission contains all the templates needed for sectors to prepare use maps with an explanation on how they work together. Link to the webform to add use maps to the library is also in this tab.
  • the third tab Use maps library is the central source for the Use maps developed by sector associations.