19/07/2016 - Press release

REACH 2018: Assess your substance to show safe use

Companies registering the same substance must work together to compile and share information on the uses, hazards and risks of their substance to demonstrate safe use. If new data involving animal testing needs to be generated, alternatives must always be considered first. All information should be reported in a registration dossier and submitted to ECHA by 31 May 2018.


Public Consultations


Applications for authorisation

Start date: 10/08/2016 Deadline: 05/10/2016
Consultations: 1

Calls for comments and evidence

Start date: 13/07/2016 Deadline: 04/10/2016
Substances: 1


Start date: 15/06/2016 Deadline: 15/12/2016
Restriction proposals: 2

Testing proposals

Start date: 18/07/2016 Deadline: 01/09/2016
Testing proposals: 2


Harmonised classification and labelling

Start date: 19/07/2016 Deadline: 02/09/2016
CLH proposals: 2
Start date: 25/07/2016 Deadline: 08/09/2016
CLH proposals: 2
Start date: 09/08/2016 Deadline: 23/09/2016
CLH proposals: 2
Start date: 16/08/2016 Deadline: 30/09/2016
CLH proposals: 3

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