26/09/2017 - News item

Missed our Biocides Day?

If you missed our Biocides Stakeholders' Day on 26 September, take a look at the presentations and watch the video recording.

Some of our IT applications and systems are due to undergo maintenance.

Read more about their availability >

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Biocides day


Public Consultations


Calls for comments and evidence

Start date: 28/06/2017 Deadline: 28/09/2017
Substances: 1
Start date: 23/08/2017 Deadline: 18/10/2017
Substances: 1
Start date: 20/09/2017 Deadline: 20/10/2017
Substances: 1

Applications for authorisation

Start date: 16/08/2017 Deadline: 11/10/2017
Consultations: 6

Identification of substances of very high concern

Start date: 05/09/2017 Deadline: 20/10/2017
Substances: 9


Start date: 21/06/2017 Deadline: 21/12/2017
Restriction proposals: 1

Testing proposals

Start date: 01/09/2017 Deadline: 16/10/2017
Testing proposals: 25


Harmonised classification and labelling

Start date: 13/09/2017 Deadline: 30/10/2017
CLH proposals: 7


Derogation to the exclusion criteria

Start date: 04/09/2017 Deadline: 04/11/2017
Active substance: 2

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