Submitting a downstream user report for unsupported uses

The downstream user reports are submitted via REACH-IT.

Before submission, you must prepare your report using IUCLID 6. You can either use standalone IUCLID installed on your local computer, or use the free ECHA Cloud services that always has the latest IUCLID version in use. If you wish to submit an update however you do not have the IUCLID dataset, you can request to download your dossier from REACH-IT and convert the dossier into a dataset in IUCLID.

To prepare your IUCLID dossier, you can find a detailed description in the Manual - How to prepare a downstream user report.

A brief general description of the conditions of use should be submitted together with the IUCLID dossier. An optional template for providing information on the conditions of use is available.

Log in to REACH-IT, open the menu and select “Downstream user report > Upload a IUCLID dossier”

Submit your report by following the wizard instructions. Once your report has been submitted in REACH-IT, you can follow its submission status in REACH-IT. The update of your report needs to be initiated from the reference number page in REACH-IT.