Submitting a downstream user report for unsupported uses

There are two ways to submit a downstream user report to ECHA for any unsupported uses, using the webform or via REACH-IT. If you wish to submit a downstream user report for classification differences via REACH-IT then follow the link on the right hand side.

Submitting using the webform

ECHA is modernising the submission interface for information concerning downstream user reports. The notification web form has been closed in order to prepare for the transition to the online submission interface of REACH-IT.

The new system will be available from 7 November 2017.

If this interruption creates a problem or if you wish to have additional information, please contact the ECHA Helpdesk by selecting 'Technical support', then 'REACH-IT'.

ECHA Helpdesk contact form

Submitting via REACH-IT

This method is recommended for downstream users who are already users of IUCLID and who want to maintain their report records in the REACH-IT system. 

  • Read the Manual: How to prepare a downstream user report for a detailed description of how to prepare the report using IUCLID and  to submit it via REACH-IT.

A brief general description of the conditions of use should be submitted together the IUCLID dossier. An optional template for providing information on the conditions of use is available.

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