Planning and reporting

Member States and the European Union develop plans for the implementation of their obligations under the Convention. These plans need to be reviewed and updated periodically.

Member States also need to compile a report on the monitoring of the implementation of their obligations and submit it to ECHA. The report needs to be provided at least every three years but updated annually if new information becomes available.

On the basis of this information, ECHA compiles and publishes a Union overview.

What is included in the monitoring reports?

  • Information on the application of the POPs Regulation, including enforcement activities, infringement and penalties.
  • Information from notifications on control measure exemptions, stockpiles and derogations on waste management measures.
  • Information compiled from release inventories of substances listed in Annex III to the POPs Regulation.
  • Information on national implementation plans. Environmental monitoring data of substances listed in Part A of Annex III to POPs.
  • Annual data on the actual or estimated total manufacturing and placing on the market of substances listed in Annexes I or II to POPs.