Endocrine disruptor assessment

If a substance is undergoing endocrine disruptor (ED) assessment under the REACH substance evaluation process and is being discussed in ECHA’s ED Expert Group, this is indicated in ED assessment list with the text ‘Under development under SEv’ in the ‘Outcome’ column.

Where relevant, the ED assessment list also provides further information on the outcomes of the informal assessments of ED properties of substances based on the available information.

One possible outcome of such an assessment is that a substance is considered not to have ED properties.

If the outcome of the assessment is that the substance is considered to have ED properties, confirmation through the formal risk management and decision-making processes under REACH is needed before any regulatory action can be taken due to these properties. The intentions of authorities to submit a dossier to the formal REACH and CLP processes are notified through the Registry of Intentions.

All biocidal active substances have to undergo a formal ED assessment. You can follow the status of biocides assessments at Biocidal Active Substances page

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