REACH Exposure Expert Group

The REACH Exposure Expert Group (REEG) is an informal group consisting of experts from Member States and ECHA. Its focus is on uses of hazardous chemicals and the related human (workers and consumers) and environmental exposure in the context of REACH. The group aims to enhance discussions, collaboration and coordination of activities among experts from authorities on use and exposure issues.

The group works as a platform for sharing experiences and reflecting on strategies, methods and tools for obtaining information related to use descriptions, risk management measures and the estimation of exposure for hazardous substances. How this information should be processed and used for various regulatory processes under REACH is also discussed.

REEG also aims to build capacity in authorities on exposure assessment, exposure estimation models and tools, and the identification and addressing of further research and development needs related to use and exposure.

The group’s objectives are reflected in a work programme, which is revised once a year and is accessible to Member States and ECHA in the framework of RiME+.



The REEG is designed to support the work by authorities in implementing the integrated regulatory strategy that covers evaluation and regulatory risk management under REACH/CLP legislation and the pre-regulatory activities set up to serve them (screening, RMOA).

The group discusses scientific, technical and methodological topics related to use and exposure.

Topics include:

  • Development and identification of best practices in obtaining use and exposure information to enable authorities to make informed decisions on the need for regulatory action and/or on the most appropriate regulatory risk management under REACH and CLP.
  • Understanding and improvement of the usability, reliability and accuracy of methods and tools for use descriptions, exposure assessment, and the determination and communication of conditions of use including risk management measures.
  • Discussion and sharing of experiences on definite/real cases, mainly in those steps preparatory to regulatory risk management decision-making action (e.g. manual screening, RMOA, substance evaluation).
  • Information on ongoing exposure-related projects (also outside the domain of REACH).
  • Identification of further research and development areas and needs related to exposure to chemicals, such as common questions arising from evaluations that would benefit from the development of a common approach.

REEG is informal and independent. REEG members express their own expert views and not a competent authority position. Suggestions, advice, common views and conclusions from REEG discussions are non-binding and serve to support the work of the individual Member States and ECHA in the framework of the integrated regulatory strategy supported by RiME+. 


Work programme

The work programme reflects the objectives of REEG and is managed by the REEG steering committee. It is revised once a year by REEG members based on needs, priorities and resources. The work programme is made accessible to Member States and ECHA in the framework of RiME+. Currently, it consists of two main areas:

Area 1: Increase common understanding on which use and exposure data is needed to support REACH and CLP processes.

Area 2: Better understanding on the existing exposure modelling tools. 

For further information on REEG, please contact ECHA at: reeg[at]