Update and submit your registration

Update and submit your registration

Keep in mind that a registration update will include a technical completeness check upon submission. This is done to make sure that your dossier includes all the information that is required. All the information in a dossier is checked, whether it is newly submitted or already part of a previously submitted dossier.

Use the IUCLID Validation Assistant to simulate the completeness check before you submit your dossier to ECHA.

In addition to the automated completeness check – which can be simulated with the IUCLID Validation Assistant – ECHA staff performs manual verifications on certain parts of the registration, such as the data waivers and the CSR.

Read phase 4 ‘Assessing hazard and risk’ and phase 5 ‘Creating your registration dossier’ of the Registration phases to have a better overview of the information needed to put together a registration dossier.

Most updates are free of charge. However, there is a fee for a tonnage band increase and if you add further chargeable items to your dossier, for example a request for specific information to be kept confidential. It is recommended that you run the fee calculator available in IUCLID before you submit your dossier. Invoices will be sent to you through REACH-IT.

Once you submit the updated registration to ECHA via REACH-IT, the dossier will go through the steps explained in section ‘From submission to decision’ of the registration phase 6 ‘Submitting your registration dossier’.

Make sure that you follow all communication from ECHA concerning your registration and its updates that will be sent to you through REACH-IT. You can enable email alert notifications in the ‘Company information’ section of your REACH-IT account.