Manuals on preparing REACH and CLP dossiers

The aim of the manuals on How to prepare REACH and CLP dossiers is to help companies to prepare, create and update IUCLID dossiers.

The manuals highlight the IUCLID sections that must be completed for the different dossier types, to prepare a valid and complete dossier that can be submitted to ECHA through REACH-IT. These manuals are also integrated in IUCLID.

Step-by-step instructions for completing the different IUCLID sections and processing each submission are provided in the manuals alongside overviews of the processes and legal concepts involved.

Manuals on preparing REACH and CLP dossiers - panels

How to prepare registration and PPORD dossiers
How to prepare registration dossier covering nanoforms
How to prepare an inquiry dossier
How to prepare a classification and labelling notification
How to prepare a request for use of an alternative chemical name for a substance in a mixture
How to prepare a substance in articles notification
How to prepare a downstream user report
How to prepare an application for authorisation
Dissemination and confidentiality under the REACH Regulation
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    This manual helps companies who are preparing registration dossiers to understand the dissemination process, what information will be made publicly available on ECHA's website, how to make a confidentiality request, how to prepare a justification and the basic procedure that ECHA follows to assess such requests. In addition, this document advises industry on how to derive a public name for a substance for which the IUPAC name is requested confidential.


ECHA Accounts manual
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    Manual for signing up to REACH-IT, R4BP3, ePIC, ECHA Cloud Services and ECHA's websites (ECHA, Poisoncentres, Chesar, IUCLID and Newsletter websites)
Only representatives: How to ensure that your account represents only one non-EU manufacturer