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What information you need

To be ready for registration, you first need to understand what information you have to collect to demonstrate the safe use of your substance. You then report this information in your registration dossier, which is to be prepared jointly by all companies registering the same substance.

You and your co-registrants are responsible for the joint part of the registration dossier, which is generally the same for all registrants of the same substance. The individual part consists of information specific to your own company.

There are three main types of information in the joint part of your registration:

  • Physical and chemical characteristics of the substance
  • Environmental properties of the substance
  • Human health properties of the substance

You should check within your substance information exchange forum (SIEF) what information is already available and what you need to acquire or generate.

The amount of information required depends on the highest tonnage that should be covered in the joint submission. Each registrant shares data and the cost for the data they need.

Depending on the substance properties and available information, some tests cannot or do not need to be performed. These situations are referred to as adaptations.

In the individual part of your dossier you should include company-specific information on:

  • Substance identification (constituents, impurities, additives)
  • Use and conditions of use of the substance for the whole life-cycle of the substance (from manufacture to waste)

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