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Creating your registration dossier

After you have compiled all the information on your substance necessary for fulfilling the REACH requirements, you need to document your findings in a registration dossier. The dossier needs to be in IUCLID format.

Two types of dossiers can be prepared depending on your role in the joint submission:

  • The lead registrant dossier, which includes the identity of the substance covered in the joint submission, the information on the properties of the substance as well as the company-specific information of the lead registrant; and
  • Member dossiers, where all the other registrants include their company-specific information, like contact details, exact substance identification, the volumes produced or imported and the uses of the chemical by their customers.

To create the lead registrant dossier, you need to install IUCLID. Once you have completed your dossier, you need to export it and submit it to ECHA through REACH-IT.

If you are a member and rely solely on the data provided by the lead registrant, in other words, you have nothing to add, nor do you dissent from anything included, you can prepare your IUCLID dossier either in IUCLID or directly in REACH-IT.


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