Services en nuage de l'ECHA

ECHA Cloud Services is a secure online platform used to distribute ECHA’s IT applications in a cloud environment.

The first services focus on IUCLID as it is crucial for the 2018 registration deadline. Their functionalities are prioritised for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The IUCLID Cloud application runs in a browser and, therefore, complements the IUCLID application in helping SMEs to register their chemicals for the upcoming registration deadline.

To access the cloud space, you need to log in using your ECHA Account credentials. These are the same that you have, for example, to access REACH-IT. If you do not have an ECHA Account, you can create one on the ECHA Cloud Services web page before accessing a service.

Once you are logged in, you can select between the available services:

  1. IUCLID Cloud Trial
  2. IUCLID Cloud for SMEs


IUCLID Cloud Trial

Try out the service by working fully on a web browser without installing anything locally. This service gives you 100 MB of data storage and will be automatically updated whenever there is a new release of IUCLID. As this is a trial version, there are no backups taken of the data or dedicated helpdesk support.

You can either use the IUCLID Cloud application to import and view your substance, mixture and dossier datasets or launch the IUCLID Cloud client (traditional IUCLID that stores data in the cloud) to edit datasets. However, you will not yet be able to use all IUCLID functionalities. These will be available in July 2017 when the IUCLID Cloud for SMEs is launched.

Why use the IUCLID Cloud Trial?

To get familiar with the upcoming cloud environment. You can also use it for training purposes.


IUCLID Cloud for SMEs

Work always with the latest version of IUCLID online. This service gives you up to 1 GB of data storage, fully managed backups and dedicated helpdesk support. You can, by working fully on a web browser, use the IUCLID Cloud application to prepare your registration dossiers by running the plug-in tools. Additionally you can launch the IUCLID Cloud client to use more advanced IUCLID functions.

Why use the IUCLID Cloud for SMEs?

To avoid operating IUCLID locally and benefit from the user-friendly cloud environment to prepare your registration dossiers.

Why you should use ECHA Cloud Services?

ECHA Cloud Services offer you:

  • Access from anywhere, anytime to the latest release of the IUCLID application
  • Reduced risks of losing data because of the regular and automated backups provided by ECHA
  • Improved data security because of the reduced number of local copies
  • Dedicated online support