ECHA Cloud Services

ECHA Cloud Services is a secure online platform used to distribute ECHA’s IT applications into a private cloud environment. The service is built within ECHA’s IT infrastructure and the use of encrypted communication, regular security audits and updates of all the components make sure that your cloud data is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

The first service made available focuses on IUCLID as it is crucial for the 2018 registration deadline. Its functionalities are prioritised according to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The IUCLID Cloud application runs in a browser and, therefore, complements the IUCLID application in helping SMEs to register their chemicals for the upcoming registration deadline.

To access the cloud space, you need to log in using your ECHA Account credentials. These are the same that you have, for example, to access REACH-IT. If you do not have an ECHA Account, you can create one on the ECHA Cloud Services web page before accessing a service.

Once you are logged in, you can select between the available services:

  • IUCLID Cloud for SMEs
  • IUCLID Cloud Trial


IUCLID Cloud for SMEs

With this service, you can always work with the latest version of IUCLID in the cloud, without installing IUCLID on your computer or company servers.

Targeted at SMEs and their consultants, the service provides up to 1 GB of data storage, fully managed backups and dedicated helpdesk support. You can prepare and validate you registration dossiers always online.

The service has a simple interface to help you focus on your REACH 2018 registration deadline tasks. You can always launch the IUCLID Cloud client (the traditional version of IUCLID that stores data in the cloud) to access all IUCLID 6 functionalities if needed.


IUCLID Cloud Trial

Try out the IUCLID Cloud Services and work fully on the web without installing anything locally. You will get 100 MB of data storage and regular upgrades to the latest IUCLID release.

This trial version is a good opportunity to train users on IUCLID Cloud. However, as it is a trial, there are no backups made of the data nor dedicated helpdesk support for non-technical questions.


Consultants – reap the benefits

Through the IUCLID Cloud Services, consultants and their SMEs clients can collaborate more transparently to prepare for the REACH 2018 registration deadline. SMEs can easily give consultants access to their data in the IUCLID Cloud. Transparent collaboration helps SMEs to better understand the data submitted for registration and to be fully prepared for future updates.

IUCLID Cloud is free for SMEs as there are no IT costs, and consultants can give their clients ‘more value for money’.

A more transparent and interactive way of working also helps to gain the client’s trust.

With the IUCLID Cloud Trial, consultants can promote their services and give training to all their clients.


Why should you use ECHA Cloud services?

ECHA Cloud services offer you:

  • Access from anywhere, anytime, to the latest release of the IUCLID application, maintained by ECHA;
  • Regular and automated data backups by ECHA;
  • Easy online collaboration. Companies can improve data security by reducing the number of local copies;
  • Responsive and 24/7 online support.


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