From submission to decision

Your dossier will go through the following steps after submission:


1. Business rules check

The business rules check makes sure that your dossier can be processed by ECHA. For example, ECHA verifies that your dossier is in the appropriate IUCLID format and that certain administrative information is consistent with your submission type.

Passing the business rules only confirms that your dossier is accepted for processing, and does not mean that your registration is finalised. Once you have passed the business rules check you will receive a submission number. This is your reference in all correspondence relating to your registration until you have received a registration number.

If your dossier fails the business rules check, you will need to correct it and submit again.


2. Technical completeness check

After your dossier has been accepted for processing, the next step is the technical completeness check. At this stage, your dossier is checked to make sure that all the information required by REACH is included. This check includes a manual verification of certain elements that cannot be checked automatically. If information is missing, you will need to resubmit a complete dossier within the specified timeframe.

If your dossier fails the technical completeness check, only one additional submission attempt is allowed. Contact ECHA’s Helpdesk if you are not sure what information you still need to supply. If the second attempt fails, you must make a new submission. If you have paid the registration fee, it will not be returned.


3. Invoice for the registration fee

At the same time as the technical completeness check, you will receive an invoice for the registration fee through REACH-IT. You must pay the invoice by the due date.

If you do not pay your full fee by the invoice deadline, your dossier will be rejected and you will need to make a new submission. ECHA cannot accept late payments. If you pay late, your registration will be rejected and a new submission will be required. In case of rejections, ECHA cannot refund any fees paid.


4. Decision on your registration

You will get a decision on your registration from ECHA through REACH-IT.

If the technical completeness check is successful and the invoice is paid, your dossier is considered complete and you get a registration number. The registration date is the date when you receive the submission number from ECHA.

If your dossier fails the technical completeness check for the second time or if you do not pay the fee in time, the dossier will be rejected.


5. Publishing information from your dossier

ECHA will automatically publish all non-confidential information from your registration dossier on its website. You may request information to be confidential, which ECHA will then assess. If the request is not adequately justified, the information will be published. Read more on our web page Publishing information from dossiers.

Communication to your customers

You may need to update the safety data sheet for your substance after the registration.

Safety data sheets have to be updated in the following cases:

  • When you have new information on the hazards or risk management measures related to your substance.
  • Once an authorisation for your use of a substance has been granted or refused.
  • Once the use of your substance has been restricted.

When you update your safety data sheet after REACH registration, remember to include the registration number in it.