Dos and Don'ts for data sharing negotiations

These Dos and Don'ts can help you make your data sharing negotiations successful.


Dos Don'ts
Be reliable, consistent and open in all negotiations

Expect the other party to do your work for you

Act within the legal deadlines

Give an unreasonable timeframe in which to complete the negotiations

Keep written records of all steps of the negotiations, every email, call and meeting

Disclose confidential or commercially sensitive information

 Treat the company/person you are negotiating with as you would expect to be treated

Ignore the costs (time, resources, etc.) involved in the negotiations

Be clear and unambiguous in what you are seeking


Be sensitive to the capacity, size and situation of the party you are negotiating with

Send confusing signals

Reply promptly to all reasonable requests/questions/communications

Ignore issues raised

Give the other party a fair and reasonable amount of time to reply to you

Negotiate the price without considering objective criteria

Base negotiations on the data and their value

Assess critically each information you receive during negotiations

Be concrete if you disagree with the proposed offers

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