Information requirements: 100 to 1000 tonnes per year

To register a substance in the 100 to 1000 tonnage band, you need to provide information specified in Column 1 of REACH Annexes VII - IX. Column 2 specifies the adaptation possibilities for the specific properties. The required standard information set may also be adapted according to the general rules contained in Annex XI.

In case a study listed in Annex IX (whether or not involving vertebrate animals) is needed for registration, and it is not available within the co-registrants, you must first consider all alternative approaches to fulfil the information requirement. Only if an information requirement cannot be fulfilled otherwise, you need to agree on and prepare a testing proposal to be submitted as part of the joint registration dossier for ECHA’s consideration. While awaiting ECHA’s decision on it, you have to implement and/or recommend interim risk management measures to your downstream users.