ECHA Weekly - 29 November 2017

ECHA Weekly

Companies asked to communicate their registration intentions for 2018

The Directors’ Contact Group (DCG) – a platform of the European Commission, ECHA and industry associations – recommends that companies communicate their registration intentions clearly to the whole supply chain to avoid potential disruptions in supply after the 31 May 2018 registration deadline.

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REACH 2018

Letter templates for data sharing and joint submission negotiations

We have published letter templates that companies, especially SMEs, can use when starting negotiations with co-registrants for sharing data and submitting jointly for REACH registration. The aim is to help companies that might not be familiar with the regulation to ask the right questions making sure that all aspects of the negotiations are taken into account by the parties involved.

Letter templates | Practical advice


Update to the list of substances potentially subject to compliance checks

ECHA has updated the list of substances that might be chosen for compliance checks. The list includes 149 substances. The substances are mostly selected together with related substances based on structural similarity, read-across or category information. Registrants are advised to check this list and update their related registration dossiers by 16 February 2018.

List of substances potentially subject to compliance checks | Compliance checks

New substance evaluation conclusions published

New substance evaluation conclusion documents are now available on ECHA’s website for:

  • Acetone oxime (EC 204-820-1; CAS 127-06-0), added to the CoRAP list in 2016 and evaluated by Austria;
  • Chloromethane (EC 200-817-4; CAS 74-87-3), added to the CoRAP list in 2012 and evaluated by Italy;
  • Resorcinol (EC 203-585-2; CAS 108-46-3), added to the CoRAP list in 2016 and evaluated by Finland;
  • Cyclohexylamine (EC 203-629-0; CAS 108-91-8), added to the CoRAP list in 2016 and evaluated by Belgium;
  • Tetrahydrofuran (EC 203-726-8; CAS 109-99-9), added to the CoRAP list in 2013 and evaluated by Germany;
  • Hydroquinone (EC 204-617-8; CAS 123-31-9), added to the CoRAP list in 2012 and evaluated by Italy.

Community rolling action plan | Substance evaluation

Help us increase transparency and predictability

Stakeholders' Day

The European Commission, Member States and ECHA are working together to review the implementation of the SVHC Roadmap to 2020. The review will look at the tools developed to enhance the transparency and predictability of authorities’ work.

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Committees’ opinions on applications for authorisation available

The consolidated opinions of the Committees for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) are available on our website for two uses of bis(2-methoxyethyl) ether (diglyme) (EC 203-924-4; CAS 111-96-6) by Acton Technologies Limited.

Adopted opinions


Glyphosate’s approval renewed for five years

The EU Member States agreed by a qualified majority to renew the approval of the glyphosate for five years. On Monday the Member States' representatives voted in the appeal committee on the Commission's proposal. 18 Member States voted in favour and nine against the proposal. One Member State abstained from voting. The Commission will adopt the decision before the current authorisation of glyphosate expires on 15 December 2017.

Summary report of the Appeal Committee | EC's web page on glyphosate | ECHA’s web page on glyphosate


Updated REACH Guidance for nanomaterials - what you need to know
30 November 2017, 11:00-12:00 Helsinki time (EET, GMT+2)

This webinar explains the support documentation available for registrants that cover nanoforms in their registration dossier. The main focus is on the registration and read-across of nanoforms, but the main updates for information requirements for human health and the environment will also be covered.

Programme and registration

Final call for case studies for SETAC conference
13-17 May 2018, Rome, Italy

ECHA will host six sessions at the SETAC Europe conference taking place in Rome from 13 to 17 May 2018. We are looking for abstracts on the six topics we will be presenting. Submit your abstract by 29 November.


Final opportunity for face-to-face advice on REACH 2018

Our free REACH 2018 Stakeholders’ Day from 29 to 31 January offers news, advice and case studies on the final REACH registration deadline and what happens after. Get tips on how to build and submit your registration dossier with our IT tools during the hands-on training session. If you have specific questions in mind, book a one-to-one meeting with us and visit your national helpdesk's stand to get help in your own language. Sign up now.

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Calls for information

Testing proposals

ECHA has launched 12 new public consultations on testing proposals. The deadline for coments is 8 January 2018.

There is currently a total of 20 public consultations open on testing proposals.

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REACH 2018

182 days until the REACH 2018 deadline


ECHA will be closed on 6 December due to a public holiday as Finland celebrates its
100-year anniversary

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ECHA is looking for interim staff for REACH 2018 registration and seconded national experts and trainees


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