17 December 2014 - Press release

Six new substances of very high concern (SVHCs) added to the Candidate List and one entry updated

Today, ECHA has added six new SVHCs to the Candidate List, based on the agreement of the Member State Committee and updated an existing entry to address an additional reason for inclusion.


Public Consultations


Testing proposals

Start Date 18/11/2014 Deadline: 02/01/2015
7 testing proposals
Start Date 12/12/2014 Deadline: 26/01/2015
16 testing proposals


Start Date 18/06/2014 Deadline: 18/12/2014
2 restriction proposals
Start Date 10/12/2014 Deadline: 08/02/2015
2 consultations on SEAC draft opinion
Start Date 17/09/2014 Deadline: 17/03/2015
1 restriction proposal
Start Date 17/12/2014 Deadline: 17/06/2015
1 restriction proposal

Identification of substances of very high concern

There are currently no ongoing consultations

Draft recommendation of substances for the Authorisation list

There are currently no ongoing consultations

Applications for authorisation

Start Date 12/11/2014 Deadline: 07/01/2015
17 consultations

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Harmonised classification and labelling

Start Date: 13/11/2014 Deadline: 02/01/2015
1 CLH proposal
Start Date: 09/12/2014 Deadline: 23/01/2015
2 CLH proposals


Potential candidates for substitution

There are currently no ongoing consultations

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