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REACH 2018 Special e-News

Keep your registration up to date

Registering your chemicals under REACH is not a one-off exercise: you will learn new things about your substance, and your own situation may change. This has to be reflected in your registration. Therefore, you need to regularly review your dossier and update it when new information becomes available. This is a legal requirement.

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How to get organised for dossier updates

Your registration dossier has to reflect the current knowledge on how your substance can be used safely at production sites and by users throughout the supply chain. This means­­­­­­­­ that after you have successfully submitted a registration and received your registration number, you still have to find ways to collect information on your substance and agree with your co-registrants on how to make the best use of it.

How to get organised | Phase 7 of REACH 2018

Recommendations to registrants from evaluation

You are also encouraged to proactively update and review the information in your registration, so as to improve the quality of your dossiers. The following recommendations are based on ECHA’s findings from evaluation.

Recommendations | REACH evaluation

“After 10 years of REACH, we now have all substances on the EU market registered in one harmonised system. The Commission’s report on 10 years of REACH concludes that safety in the EU has increased. But there is still much to do. Both industry and authorities must increase their efforts to improve safety information on chemicals. We are working to become more efficient and impactful in our work on compliance.” More

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Bjorn Hansen
Bjorn Hansen
Topical news

More information on dossier evaluation processes available

Registrants can now consult a single table to find out whether ECHA is evaluating dossiers for a particular substance and follow the progress through the evaluation process.


ECHA increases visibility of authority activities

The scope of the Public Activities Coordination Tool (PACT) has been extended to cover substances under dossier and substance evaluation, as well as substances in the registry of intentions for harmonised classification and labelling, substance of very high concern identification or restriction.


Member registrants will start receiving dossier evaluation decisions in 2019

As of 2019, ECHA will send its dossier evaluation decisions to all non-compliant registrants of a substance. Other changes will be implemented at the same time, so you need to take a proactive role to be ready.


Call for companies to continue their cooperation after the deadline

The Directors’ Contact Group (DCG) recommends that registrants of existing substances maintain their cooperation platforms also after the last registration deadline of 31 May 2018, when the obligation to have substance information exchange forums (SIEFs) under REACH has ceased.


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