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Call for companies to continue their cooperation after the deadline


The Directors’ Contact Group (DCG) recommends that registrants of existing substances maintain their cooperation platforms also after the last registration deadline of 31 May 2018, when the obligation to have substance information exchange forums (SIEFs) under REACH ceases.

Helsinki, 31 May 2018 – The DCG – a platform of ECHA, the European Commission and industry associations – has published a recommendation urging registrants of phase-in substances to continue their current cooperation arrangements from 1 June onwards to ensure compliance with the post-deadline legal obligations.

These obligations include:

  • keeping the joint part of the registration up to date, reflecting the most recent information on hazards, uses and risk management measures; 
  • coordinating joint responses to regulatory requests, for example, following a dossier or substance evaluation decision; and
  • managing data and cost sharing with new registrants joining the registration.

The recommendation states that registrants are free to agree on the form of cooperation, but that they should have a contract in place to manage the chosen collaboration platform. This contract should ensure that only information that is necessary to complete the regulatory task is shared among the co-registrants, and that administrative costs for managing the platform are fairly distributed.