Keep your registration up-to-date

What happens next?

ECHA may examine any registration to verify if the information submitted by registrants is compliant with the legal requirements. The selection for compliance check is either random or concern-based (targeted).

Be proactive

Registration under REACH is not just a one time exercise and your legal obligations do not end after you receive a registration number.

Up-to-date information is needed to ensure that chemicals are being used safely.

You should update your registrations whenever new information becomes available. You should also check ECHA's annual evaluation reports.

By reading the reports and the recommendations, you can learn what are the most common shortcomings and avoid having the same problems in your own registrations. For example, you should check whether a harmonised classification and labelling has become available for your substance.

New information may also come from your supply chain or when new members join the joint submission. Data sharing obligations also apply when new members join.
Being proactive is not only good practice, but also a legal requirement. You need to keep your registrations up to date even after receiving the registration number. This will most likely avoid you being asked to update your dossiers.


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