Services offered within ECHA Cloud Services

Services offered within ECHA Cloud Services

ECHA Cloud Services – Questions & Answers

ECHA Cloud Services

What are the ECHA Cloud Services?

The ECHA Cloud Services is a secure online platform where you can easily access ECHA’s IT applications anytime, anywhere.

The current services available include:

  • IUCLID Cloud Trial aimed for testing the service
  • IUCLID Cloud service with additional security related features, backup and a higher volume of storage
  • Poison Centres to notify your hazardous mixtures
  • SCIP to submit information on articles containing SVHC
  • EFSA Toolkit
  • ECHA Accounts to manage how you access ECHA services and downloads
  • ECHA Submission portal to submit information according to the harmonised format.
How do I log into ECHA Cloud Services?

To access ECHA Cloud Services you need to have an ECHA account with an associated Legal Entity. An ECHA Account is the starting point to gain access to ECHA’s IT systems, which include ePIC, R4BP, REACH-IT and the ECHA Cloud Services. From here, you can manage access to your ECHA Account and administer the information related to your Legal Entity. Watch how to create your own ECHA account with this video.

If you already have an ECHA Account, you can already use your credentials to log into ECHA Cloud Services and subscribe to the different services available.

For more information about ECHA Accounts, visit its Q&A at

Can I use any internet browser to access the ECHA Cloud services?
ECHA has tested the compatibility of the different ECHA Cloud services with some of the main internet browsers. Using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge guarantees the best user experience.
In case of need, what kind of support can I expect from ECHA?

ECHA has a dedicated helpdesk to support ECHA Cloud Services users. This dedicated support is available once you login to the ECHA Cloud Services, via the Cloud bar support icon on the top of your screen, and it covers your subscriptions to the ECHA Cloud and its different services.

If you need help with your ECHA Accounts or with any other ECHA Scientific IT Tool please contact ECHA via the usual contact page at:

How does ECHA secure my data in the cloud?

By design, the IUCLID Cloud solution provides a dedicated IUCLID instance with a dedicated database to store the information. From this point of view, the data of a company is segregated and not stored with data from other companies.

Moreover, IUCLID data access is fully controlled by the Legal Entity manager who has subscribed to the IUCLID Cloud Trial service or the IUCLID Cloud service, and the user who has been given access to these services by the Legal Entity manager. ECHA employees or member state authorities do not have access to the data stored in the ECHA Cloud service. For further information on security, please read our security statement here

How does the backup/restore functionality in IUCLID Cloud service work?

IUCLID data is backed up once a day. Whenever an instance becomes idle, a backup is scheduled to secure the IUCLID data for that instance. In this case, the next programmed backup happens 24 hours afterwards. In practice this means that if you save your data several times during the day, ECHA Cloud Service can only restore the data that was backed-up after the last session that went idle or the last daily programmed backup. This behaviour is similar to the services that IT departments offer in most organisations.

If you need to restore data from your cloud, contact the ECHA Cloud Services via the support request form available in the Cloud bar. Use the Category: Technical, I have a problem and the ECHA Cloud support team will restore the latest complete backup available (Note that all your cloud database will be restored). Do not perform any operation until you are informed that the backup has been restored.

ECHA’s retention policy facilitates the restoration of IUCLID data for a maximum of one year in case of a technical issue.