Directorates and units

Directorate A – Submissions and Interaction


Unit A1: Communications


Communications function ensures coherent and balanced implementation of external and internal communications and contributes to the reputation of the Agency by sharing good communications practice and demonstrating independence and transparency.


The Communications Unit

  • Conveys and multiplies the Agency’s strategy and positioning to all stakeholders.
  • Delivers professional communication activities that support all functions of the organization.
  • Manages, maintains and develops ECHA’s corporate communication channels and social media presence
  • Manages media and influencer relations and media monitoring
  • Upholds ECHA’s corporate identity and supports employer branding
Unit A2: Support and Enforcement


The Support & Enforcement Unit gives advice to industry on the BPR, CLP and REACH regulations and on the correct use of IT tools for the submission of their dossiers and the compliance with ECHA processes, provides the Secretariat to the BPR, CLP and REACH Helpdesks' Network (HelpNet), and manages the Secretariat of the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement to facilitate harmonised enforcement activities by national authorities throughout the EU/EEA.


Regulatory Support Team

  • Responds to questions from industry on the BPR, CLP and REACH regulations;
  • Manages the Secretariat for the HelpNet (national BPR, CLP and REACH help desks’ network) for capacity building, facilitates EU-wide harmonisation of advice to industry, and publishes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by the HelpNet on the ECHA website.
  • Organises training for national helpdesks on ECHA processes.

Information Desk

  • Is the first line of contact to ECHA for telephone calls and external enquiries, allocates the enquiries to the correct service at ECHA andresponds to general enquiries
  • Acts as a central point for registering incoming email and postal mail;
  • Coordinates the speaking requests process in-house.


  • Provides expert advice to customers on the correct use of ECHA’s IT tools (REACH-IT, R4BP, IUCLID, ECHA Cloud, Chesar) and dissemination of data on ECHA’s webpage;
  • Interacts with the outsourced Service Desk to resolve complex cases, identify bugs and test workarounds;
  • Contributes to the development of the IT tools, involved in Change Advisory Boards and testing IT tool updates;
  • Manages and updates IT related Q&As;

Forum Secretariat

  • Plans, prepares, organises and drives the work of the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement; Manages the Secretariat for the Forum
  • Manages and contributes to the enforcement projects and other activities of the Forum;
  • Acts as ECHA's internal focal point for matters related to enforcement of REACH, CLP, PIC and BPR;
  • Oversees the functioning and further improvement of the interlinks between ECHA and national enforcement authorities to ensure appropriate follow-up of ECHA decisions by inspectors;
Unit A3 - Submission and Processing


The Submission and Processing Unit manages the reception, processing and dispatch of all regulatory submissions for each legislation under ECHA's remit. This includes the responsibility for the development and maintenance of the related submission systems, in particular REACH-IT, Poison Centres Notification Portal and ePIC, as well as providing input to R4BP development. The unit gives advice and support to stakeholders in all aspects of dossier submission.

The unit also coordinates ECHA's work on the PIC Regulation.


The submission and processing unit

  • Receives, processes, generates invoices and dispatches all dossiers received by ECHA Acts as ECHA's internal focal point for matters related to enforcement of REACH, CLP, PIC and BPR;
  • Manages the submission systems REACH-IT, Poison Centres Notification Portal and ePIC;
  • Verifies the declared size of companies which have benefited from SME fee reductions under REACH;
  • Organises and coordinates the operational activities for the implementation of the Regulation on export and import of dangerous chemicals (PIC), including the handling of import/export notifications and explicit consents. It also provides regulatory advice to all stakeholders (Commission, Member States, authorities in non-EU countries and industry) and supports the implementation of the Rotterdam Convention at worldwide level including supporting the Convention Secretariat when necessary;
  • Responsible for defining, implementing and administering the submission related processes under the biocides legislation;
  • Coordinates ECHA’s work related to the submission of information on hazardous mixtures for emergency health advice by Poison centres;
  • Provides advice and support to stakeholders on dossier submission under REACH, CLP, BPR and PIC, in the form of technical manuals, helpdesk support and other activities.
Unit A4 - Data Availability


The Data Availability is responsible for ensuring the data submitted to the agency is complete and available. This includes verifying the completeness of the data, assessing its confidentiality, and managing post-submission actions including encouraging updates. The unit also coordinates the publication of information on chemicals including the EU Observatory on Nanomaterials and EU Chemical Legislation Finder. The unit provides advice and support to stakeholders on these matters as well as manages the tools related to the verification of completeness and the preview of information at the time of submission.


The Data availability Unit

  • Contributes to the activities related to consistency of information in registration dossiers
  • Manages the completeness check process of all REACH registration and PPORD dossiers, and the related decisions.
  • Assesses confidentiality requests submitted in REACH registrations (and supports the MSCA assessment of confidentiality requests under the biocides legislation)
  • Provides advice and support to stakeholders on dossier preparation, in the form of data correction, technical manuals, helpdesk support and other communications activities
  • Ensures the product management of IUCLID Validation assistant and IUCLID Dissemination preview tools; further develops and promotes IUCLID data validation methods for industry and authority use worldwide.
  • Ensures the product management of ECHA dissemination website: specifies the dissemination workflow and website, ensuring stakeholder's engagement and link with the OECD eChemPortal. Publishes the substance information supporting transparency and predictability of legislative processes including the EU Chemicals Legislation Finder and the EU Observatory on Nanomaterials

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