Directorates and units

Directorate A - Cooperation


Unit A1: Communications


Communications is an integral activity supporting the fulfilment of ECHA's operational objectives and the Agency's mission. The Communications Unit upholds the Agency's Corporate Identity and manages the Agency's communication activities. 


The Communications Unit ensures that:

  • ECHA's external audiences are communicated with effectively, in 23 languages where necessary, and ECHA benefits from accurate and proportionate media presence;
  • Accredited Stakeholder Organisations are involved in ECHA's work and are satisfied that their views are heard and taken into account;
  • ECHA staff are well informed, have a sense of belonging and feel part of a common corporate endeavour.
Unit A2: Support, Forum and HelpNet Secretariat


The Support, Forum and HelpNet Secretariat Unit coordinates the development of ECHA guidance, gives advice to industry on the BPR, CLP, PIC and REACH regulations, provides the Secretariat to the BPR, CLP and REACH Helpdesks' Network (HelpNet) and manages the Secretariat of the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement to facilitate harmonised enforcement activities by national authorities throughout the EU/EEA.


Support, Forum and HelpNet Secretariat:


  • Coordinates the development of new guidance and updates existing ECHA guidance documents on REACH, CLP, the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), and the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation and other EU legislation within ECHA's remit;
  • Facilitates and promotes accessibility of guidance documents, in particular for SMEs, by arranging generation of translations of relevant guidance into 23 official EU languages;
  • Ensures the involvement of the best available expertise and experience in guidance-related work by consultation with appropriate partners during guidance development according to the Consultation procedure for guidance approved by the Management Board;
  • Coordinates the process for replying and responds to questions from industry on the BPR, CLP, PIC and REACH regulations;
  • Organises one-to-one sessions with ECHA experts during stakeholder events;
  • Provides the ECHA Information Desk as the first line of contact to ECHA for telephone calls and assists in the allocation of queries submitted through ECHA's contact forms to the correct service at ECHA;

Forum Secretariat

  • Plans, prepares, organises and drives the work of the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement;
  • Contributes to the continuous development of enforcement strategies, minimum criteria for enforcement, and tools (including IT-tools)/methodologies relevant to inspectors;
  • Elaborates, in consultation with the Forum, mechanisms that improve the interlinks between ECHA, national enforcement authorities and competent authorities to ensure appropriate follow-up of ECHA decisions by inspectors;
  • Acts as ECHA's internal focal point for matters related to enforcement of REACH, CLP and PIC;
  • Manages the Secretariat for the Forum, in particular organising its meetings and written procedures and proposing revisions of its rules of procedures;
  • Provides support and orientation to the Forum and its members in their tasks, as allotted under Article 77(4) of REACH;
  • Communicates the work of the Forum to the public (e.g. via the ECHA website, newsletters, brochures, posters etc.).

HelpNet Secretariat

  • Coordinates the work of the HelpNet Steering Group, such as the organisation of HelpNet events, written procedures, promotion of capacity-building, sharing of best practice and information exchange of national BPR, CLP and REACH helpdesks to support customers;
  • Organises training for national helpdesks on ECHA processes;
  • Manages the preparation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), their discussion by HelpNet and their publication on the ECHA website as agreed by HelpNet;
  • Provides input to questions coming from the national helpdesks and facilitates the harmonisation of advice by national helpdesks;

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