Forum enforcement projects

The Forum coordinates various enforcement projects, one of the main ones being the REACH-EN-FORCE (REF) projects which are designed to harmonise enforcement in each Member State and check the current level of compliance with regard to particular obligations imposed on industry by the REACH, CLP and PIC regulations.

The REF-projects are carried out by inspectors based in the national authorities in the participating Member States. The resulting information is collected by ECHA and the Forum Working Group. A final report on the findings of the REF-project is then produced. Ultimately, the goal of the REF-projects is to improve the quality of enforcement in the Member States but also to improve the compliance of registrants with the REACH, CLP and PIC regulations.

The steps in establishing a REF-project are as follows:

  • Forum members, ECHA, and accredited stakeholder organisations (ASOs) submit their proposals;
  • The Forum working group on Prioritisation of REF projects creates a list of potential subjects for the REF-project to focus on;
  • The Forum as a whole selects and approves the project at one of its plenary meetings


Submission template for accredited stakeholders
Template for the submission of proposals for REF projects [DOC] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-1: Registration, Pre-Registration and Safety Data Sheets
REACH-EN-FORCE-1 project (August 2010) [PDF] [EN]
Forum - Facts Report Prolongation phase REF-1 [PDF] [EN]
REF-1 Final consolidated report  [PDF] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-2: Obligations of Downstream Users - Formulators of mixtures
REACH-EN-FORCE-2 project final report [PDF] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-3: Inspection and enforcement of compliance with registration obligations by manufacturers, importers and only representatives in close cooperation with customs
REACH-EN-FORCE-3 phase 1 project report [PDF] [EN]
Forum REACH-EN-FORCE 3 – final report [PDF] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-4: Restrictions
REF-4 Project Report - Harmonised enforcement project on restrictions [PDF] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-5: Exposure Scenarios, extended SDS, RMM and OC
REF-5 PROJECT REPORT  - Extended safety data sheets, exposure scenarios, risk management measures and operational conditions [PDF] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-6: Classification and labelling of mixtures
REACH-EN-FORCE-6: REF-6 project report [PDF] [EN] 
REACH-EN-FORCE-7: Enforcement of Registration obligations after the last registration deadline in cooperation with customs authorities including the verification of the strictly control conditions applicable to the substances registered as intermediates
REF-7 project report [PDF] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-8: Enforcement of CLP, REACH and BPR duties related to substances, mixtures and articles sold on-line
Mandate [PDF] [EN]
Project report [PDF] [EN]

Proceedings of the workshop on the results of the REF-8 project [DOC] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-9: Enforcement of authorisation
Mandate [PDF] [EN]

Project report [PDF] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-10: Integrated chemical control of products
Mandate [PDF] [EN]
Project report [PDF] [EN]
REACH-EN-FORCE-11: Mandate [PDF] [EN]
BPR-EN-FORCE-1: Treated Articles
BEF-1 project report [PDF] [EN]
BPR-EN-FORCE-2: BPR Enforcement project on biocidal products containing non-approved/approved active substances
Mandate [PDF] [EN]
Project report [PDF] [EN]

Other projects

Besides the REF projects the following enforcement projects have been undertaken by the Forum: