Directorates and units

Directorate R - Resources

Unit R1 - Finance


The Finance Unit supports the organisation by providing customer-oriented services and advice to ensure an efficient planning and implementation of the Agency's budget while safeguarding the financial interests of the Agency.


The Finance Unit:

  • Coordinates the Agency’s financial resources (budgeting, monitoring, reporting)
  • Provides administrative support in implementing the budget in accordance with the financial rules and regulations, including procurement advice and support
  • Carries out the accounting function (accounts payable/receivable, treasury management, financial statements)
  • Liaises with the Commission, budgetary authority, the Court of Auditors and other stakeholders related to the financial matters
Unit R2 - Human Resources


The Human Resources Unit plans and manages ECHA's human resources effectively, efficiently and in compliance with applicable EU rules and good management practice.


The Human Resources Unit:

  • Steers the human resources policy developments through strategic input and quality documents
  • Manages the implementation of the human resources strategy and carries out the necessary follow-up measures
  • Coordinates the staff planning for the Agency and ensures alignment to the corporate work plans
  • Organises the corporate staff selections and recruitments
  • Manages the Agency's staff contracts, allowances and payroll activities (including the HR-related budget)
  • Ensures the well-being of staff by providing support upon recruitment and offering medical and social services to ECHA's staff
  • Offers a positive working environment to staff, fostering performance and career perspectives through continuous learning and development opportunities
  • Reports on a regular basis to management and stakeholders on human resources
  • Supports, and provides advice to, management in the fulfilment of their management tasks
  • Manages the Agency's interim placement and traineeship programme.
Unit R3 - Corporate Services


The Corporate services unit provide services and activities that combine or consolidate certain agency-wide needed support services, which are provided based on specialized knowledge, best practices, and methods in order to serve internal and external clients and partners.


The Corporate Services unit

  • Manages the building and provision of office services, including reception, cleaning, facility services and parking
  • Provision of physical security and access management, fire safety and crisis management.
  • Management of the canteen and catering services for staff and external meeting participants
  • Management of the courier service contract
  • Manages Physical security and access management, including crisis management.
  • Provision of audio-visual, including technical guidance and support
  • Event assistant support for meetings as well as calculation of participant reimbursements
  • Processing of mission order and claims
  • Centralised translation services
  • Financial and administrative management of ECHA’s Library services.

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