Directorates and units

Directorate E – Governance and Legal

Unit E1 - Governance, Strategy and Relations


The Unit supports the Executive Director and ECHA’s senior management towards coherent and effective governance of the Agency.

The Unit advises on and coordinates strategic and policy-related activities, enhancing ECHA's overall operations and reputation. It drives corporate change initiatives and strategic projects. It is the central point of contact with the EU institutions and Member State Competent Authorities on strategic and policy matters. The Unit also coordinates ECHA's international activities and maintains relations with peer agencies in third countries.


  • Supports the Executive Director and ECHA Directors in the centralised governance and daily management of the Agency
  • Provides the secretariat of the Management Board
  • Coordinates the corporate planning, monitoring and reporting, as well as the development and implementation of ECHA's corporate strategy
  • Manages ECHA's operating model, drives the definition and improvement of the processes, through the tools of the integrated management system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified)
  • Assesses the internal control framework based on ECHA’s Integrated Management Standards, carries out audits, ex-ante and ex-post evaluations and coordinates corporate risk management
  • Sets and oversees specific rules and policies related to cross-directorate operations such as Data Protection, Conflict of Interest prevention, anti-fraud, transparency and related domains
  • Drives corporate cross-functional change initiatives, to improve ECHA’s overall performance and adaptability
  • Maintains and develops ECHA's relations with key policy stakeholders and coordinates communications with EU institutions, Agencies and Member States
  • Coordinates ECHA's international activities in the areas of OECD-related work, multilateral work on chemical safety, support to EU policies related to international chemical management, cooperation with peer regulatory agencies, awareness raising and capacity building for key countries outside the EU
  • Hosts the functions of Data Protection Officer, Internal Controls Officer, Quality Manager
Unit E2 - Legal Affairs


The Legal Affairs Unit handles litigation, complaints and disputes. It provides legal advice and support on all issues having legal implications in order to ensure that ECHA's decisions, opinions, positions and agreements as well as the assistance to companies are in conformity with the regulations that govern the Agency and its work.


Litigation, complaints and disputes

  • Is responsible for all litigation that involves ECHA
  • Provides legal analysis concerning rectification of decisions
  • Provides strategic advice in pre-litigation situations and conducts negotiations
  • Analyses litigation results and provides recommendations on follow-up actions
  • Drafts Executive Director decisions for review of decisions on confidentiality claims and on alternative names as well as for staff complaints
  • Analyses complaints received and provides support in responding to them
  • Handles data sharing disputes

Legal verification

  • Provides ex ante legal verification of ECHA's decisions, positions, opinions and agreements where requested
  • Reviews procedures, templates, guidance and communications relating to decision and opinion making

Legal advice

  • Answers legal questions referred to it
  • Provides in-house tailor made legal advice and training
  • Coordinates the requests for access to documents
  • Provides advice on protection and management of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Coordinates consultations with the Commission on legal interpretations