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Directorate E - Evaluation


The Evaluation Units manage the compliance check of the registration dossiers and the examination of testing proposals and coordinate substance evaluations undertaken by Member State Competent Authorities.


The Evaluation Units:

  • Develop and maintain prioritisation criteria for selecting dossiers for compliance checks and testing proposal examinations
  • Conduct dossier evaluations in numbers and in timeframes that meet the provisions in the legal text and the expectations of the stakeholders
  • Ensure scientifically sound and legally robust draft decisions and quality observation letters as a result of dossier evaluations
  • Prepare for dossier evaluation discussions in the Member State Committee and facilitate the seeking of unanimous agreements by the Committee
  • Communicate the scientific and legal reasons for administrative actions to the registrants, Member State Competent Authorities and stakeholders via the appropriate communications channels
  • Monitor the deadlines for updating dossiers and check the information submitted
  • Notify the Commission and Member State Competent Authorities of the information obtained and conclusions made
  • Develop and maintain criteria for prioritising substances for substance evaluation, in cooperation with the Member States
  • Establish the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) for substance evaluation and update this plan on a yearly basis
  • Coordinate the substance evaluation undertaken by the Member States and ensure that substances on the CoRAP are evaluated
  • Monitor substance evaluation draft decisions by the Member States to ensure a harmonised approach to requests for further information
  • Provide the annual report on evaluation activities according to REACH Article 54
  • Develop further ECHA's capacity to provide scientific and technical advice in the area of testing methods
  • Coordinate ECHA's positions on animal welfare, animal testing, and on (alternative) testing methods and coordinate answers on questions touching such subjects
  • Coordinate the three year report on the status of implementation and use of non-animal test methods and testing strategies according to REACH Article 117 (3).

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