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ECHA's work on glyphosate

Information on how ECHA is assessing the proposal for a harmonised classification of glyphosate is now available on our website.

The public consultation on glyphosate's classification ended on 18 July and the comments provided are being made available on our website. The comments have also been sent to the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), who will respond to them.

ECHA's Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC), will assess the evidence and produce their opinion by the end of November 2017. Once the opinion is delivered, the results of the studies included in the classification process, the responses to comments received and the opinion itself will be published on our website. The dossier submitted by the German competent authority is already available there. The hot topics page on glyphosate is being translated into 22 languages.

Hot topics: glyphosate


ECHA asked to examine whether certain substances in tattoo inks should be restricted in the EU

Tattoo inks and permanent make up may contain hazardous substances – for example, substances that cause cancer, genetic mutations, toxic effects on reproduction, allergies or other adverse effects on health. The European Commission has consequently asked ECHA to assess the risks of these individual substances on human health and to examine the need for EU wide restrictions on their use in tattoo inks.

In this analysis, ECHA will also assess the availability of alternatives and the socio-economic impact of a possible restriction. ECHA is not being asked to ban tattooing or tattoo inks – our work is to examine individual substances that the inks may contain.

ECHA and some Member States are currently planning how best to share the work. An official announcement will be made in the Registry of Intentions on ECHA's website in the near future and the public will be invited to submit any relevant information to assist in this work. If it is found that a restriction is needed, a formal proposal to restrict the substances (a restriction dossier) will be submitted within one year to initiate the restriction process. The objective is to ensure that people in all EU Member States could get tattoos or permanent make up without concerns for their health.

Commission's request to ECHA


Registry of Intentions updated

Three harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) intentions were submitted:

  • trimethoxy(methyl)silane (EC 214-685-0; CAS 1185-55-3).
  • trimethoxyvinylsilane (EC 220-449-8; CAS 2768-02-7).
  • dichlorodioctyl stannane (EC 222-583-2; CAS 3542-36-7).
New CLH intentions were submitted for:

  • octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (EC 209-136-7; CAS 556-67-2).
  • 3-(difluoromethyl)-N-methoxy-1-methyl-N-[1-(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl)propan-2-yl]-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxamide; pydiflumetofen (CAS 1228284-64-7).


Current CLH intentions | Submitted CLH proposals

Downstream users

Update of downstream users' Q&As

The questions and answers addressing general downstream user issues have been reviewed and updated.

Downstream user Q&As

Calls for information

Consultation on harmonised classification and labelling
ECHA is seeking comments on the harmonised classification and labelling proposals for:

  • Benzo[rst]pentaphene (EC 205-877-5, CAS 189-55-9).
  • dibenzo[b,def]chrysene (EC 205-878-0, CAS 189-64-0).

Both substances are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). PAHs are found in certain elastomer/rubber materials, and potentially also in plastic materials, lacquers/varnishes, or coatings that may be encountered in consumer products, including toys. Examples of such products include e.g. tool handles, bicycle handlebars, slippers, flip-flops, beach sandals, diver equipment, toy car tyres, or clay pigeons used in skeet shooting.

Comments are invited on the carcinogenicity and germ cell mutagenicity hazard classes for both substances.

Comments should be submitted by 8 September 2016, 23:59 EET (Helsinki time).

Public consultation

Have a look at the 12 currently open consultations on our home page.

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REACH 2018

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Biocides Stakeholders' Day
1 September 2016


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