ECHA Weekly - 4 October 2017

ECHA Weekly

Bjorn Hansen selected as ECHA's new Executive Director

The Management Board of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has selected Bjorn Hansen as ECHA’s next Executive Director. As part of the appointment procedure, Bjorn Hansen will make a statement before the European Parliament and answer questions of its Members. The contract signature is scheduled for the Management Board meeting of 14-15 December 2017.

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New ECHA website: sneak preview

We are giving our website a new and improved look and feel. Some of the content has also been restructured to make it easier to find and we have colour coded different regulations. The search features now allow you to look for similar content directly from the page you are visiting. The changes are a result of our customer research where many of you have also given your suggestions. The new layout will be launched in October and you can already have a sneak preview. We hope you like it.


SMEs face financial challenges registering under REACH

A recent study on the segmentation of the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market confirms uncertainties regarding the SMEs’ intentions to register their substances by the 31 May 2018 deadline. The main hurdle seems to be the cost of data needed for registration. It also makes recommendations for the Agency on how to convince SMEs to use and benefit from the ECHA Cloud Services.

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How do REACH and CLP impact industry’s sustainability strategies?

Sustainability is increasingly important on industry’s agenda but chemicals management is often not directly linked to companies’ sustainability strategies. Development of more sustainable chemical management is driven more by regulatory requirements, customers’ expectations or by companies’ business strategies.

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New substance evaluation conclusions published

New substance evaluation conclusion documents are now available on ECHA’s website for:

  • 4,4'-isopropylidenediphenol (Bisphenol-A) (EC 201-245-8; CAS 80-05-7), added to the CoRAP list in 2012 and evaluated by Germany;
  • Cyclohexanone (EC 203-631-1; CAS 108-94-1), added to the CoRAP list in 2016 and evaluated by Poland;
  • alcohols, C7-9-iso-, C8-rich (EC 271-231-4; CAS 68526-83-0), added to the CoRAP list in 2016 and evaluated by Italy;
  • reaction mass of (1S,1'R)-2-[1-(3',3'-dimethyl-1'-cyclohexyl)ethoxy]-2-methylpropyl propanoate, (1R,1'R)-2-[1-(3',3'-dimethyl-1'-cyclohexyl)ethoxy]-2-methylpropyl propanoate and 2-methyl-2-{[(1R,2R)-2,6,6-trimethylcycloheptyl]oxy}propyl propanoate (EC 604-250-7; CAS 141773-73-1), added to the CoRAP list in 2016 and evaluated by Germany;
  • dimethyl disulphide (EC 210-871-0; CAS 624-92-0), added to the CoRAP list in 2014 and evaluated by Germany;
  • n-hexane (EC 203-777-6; CAS 110-54-3), added to the CoRAP list in 2012 and evaluated by Germany;
  • amides, C18-unsatd., N-[3-(dimethylamine)propyl] (EC 800-353-8; CAS 1379524-06-7), added to the CoRAP list in 2016 and evaluated by Germany;
  • Dapsone (EC 201-248-4; CAS 80-08-0), added to the CoRAP list in 2016 and evaluated by Germany;
  • 6,6'-di-tert-butyl-2,2'-methylenedi-p-cresol (EC 204-327-1; CAS 119-47-1), added to the CoRAP list in 2016 and evaluated by Denmark.

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Missed our poison centres webinar?
3 October 2017, 11:00 – 12:00 Helsinki Time (EEST, GMT 3)

Don’t worry, the recording and presentations are available. The webinar gave an overview of the harmonisation of information submitted for hazardous mixtures to poison centres in the European Union and recommendations on how to prepare for new notifications. It was particularly relevant for industry and authorities. Attended the webinar? Share your feedback with us.

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Webinar: communicating about substances in articles – what you need to know
2 November, 11:00 to 12:00 Helsinki time (EET, GMT +2)

Are you an EU importer, producer or supplier of articles? Then you may have communication and notification obligations if your articles contain Candidate List substances. Join our webinar where a particular focus is given to complex objects made up of more than one article. In addition to the latest information and expertise, you will have the chance to ask questions from our panel.

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Register now: Stock-taking Conference on the Implementation of REACH Authorisation
13-14 November 2017

ECHA, together with the European Commission, will organise a conference on applications for authorisation on 13-14 November in Helsinki.

The purpose of the conference is to assess the evolution and achievements of the authorisation process in terms of the progression of substitution, proper control of risks and cost-effectiveness. It will also discuss how to improve the process.

The registration for this free-of-charge conference will be open until 9 October.

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REACH 2018 event: register now

Welcome to Helsinki for our REACH 2018 Stakeholders’ Day from 30 to 31 January. This is your chance to get the support you need to register successfully for the REACH 2018 deadline. We offer advice from companies, ECHA and national authorities as well as separate sessions for IT tools and one-to-one questions.

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Calls for information

There are no new consultations this week. Have a look at the 67 open consultations on our home page.

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