ECHA Weekly - 30 November 2016

ECHA Weekly

REACH 2018: Submit your registration

The last step to successfully register under REACH is to send a registration dossier, with all the required information, to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). This is done electronically through the Agency’s secure IT system REACH-IT. With the launch of this step, companies have a full toolkit available in 23 EU languages to help them register by the 31 May 2018 deadline.

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New web page on the joint submission obligation

This web page clarifies what registrants have to do to be in line with the joint submission obligation introduced by the Implementing Regulation on joint submission of data and data sharing.

We are currently looking at existing registrations and contacting those registrants who breach the joint submission obligation. These companies will be given sufficient time to comply with the regulation. If they do not act, their registrations may be revoked.

Keep in mind that dossiers can no longer be submitted through REACH-IT individually if a registration for the same substance and same registration type already exists.

Web page

Legal entity changes in authorisation - Q&As published

Changes related to the legal entity applying for an authorisation or related to the holder of an authorisation need to be notified to ECHA. We have published a new section of Q&As providing guidance for such changes.

Q&As on applications for authorisation


Harmonised classification and labelling

The United Kingdom has notified its intention to submit a dossier for harmonised classification and labelling for the substance 2-phenoxyethanol (EC 204-589-7; CAS 122-99-6).

Two new dossiers for harmonised classification and labelling were submitted for:

  • Citric acid (EC 201-069-1; CAS 77-92-9) by Belgium, and
  • 2-butanone oxime; ethyl methyl ketoxime; ethyl methyl ketone oxime (EC 202-496-6; CAS 96-29-7) by Germany.

Current CLH intentions | Submitted CLH proposals


First report on information exchange under PIC

The first report on exchanging information about chemicals exported under the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation is now available on ECHA’s website. It covers years 2014 and 2015 and summarises, for example, the number of export notifications submitted by chemical.


Downstream users

Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios: presentations published

The presentations from ENES10 are now available. The meeting focused on the generation of use maps and exemplifying safe use information for mixtures to improve supply chain communication.



Guidance on data-sharing updated

This update (version 3.0) of the Guidance on data-sharing revises and further develops of a number of key aspects necessary to reflect the clarifications brought about by the Implementing Regulation on joint submission of data and data sharing. In particular the update concerns cost sharing mechanisms, joint submission obligations, cooperation agreements and disputes. At the same time, the update aims to reflect the experience gained in the field of data and cost sharing and SIEF management since version 2.0 was published.

Guidance on REACH


Save the dates: Stakeholders' Day conferences in 2017

Our next Stakeholders’ Day conference will take place from 4 to 5 April 2017 here in Helsinki and the Biocides Stakeholders’ Day from 26 to 27 September 2017. Mark these in your calendars – registration will open soon!

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Public consultations launched on three substances

Public consultations have been opened on three substances as potential candidates for substitution:

  • acetamiprid (CAS 135410-20-7 and CAS 160430-64-8) used as an insecticide in product-type 18;
  • α,α',α''-trimethyl-1,3,5-triazine-1,3,5(2H,4H,6H)-triethanol (HPT) (EC 246-764-0; CAS 25254-50-6) used as a microbicidal system cleaner for metal working systems in product-type 2; as an in-can preservative in fuels in product-type 6; as a preservative for closed recirculating cooling water systems in product-type 11; and as a preservative for water-based metal working or cutting fluids in product-type 13; and
  • 3,3’-methylene-bis[5-methyloxazolidine] (Oxazolidin/MBO) (EC 266-235-8; CAS 66204-44-2) used in the same ways as HPT with an additional use as a slimicide in the oil industry in product-type 12

The consultations are open until 3 January 2017 for oxazolidin/MBO and HPT, and until 17 January 2017 for acetamiprid.

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Have a look at the 53 currently open consultations on our home page.

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REACH 2018

545 days until the REACH 2018 deadline

REACH 2018


ECHA will be closed on 6 December 2016.


ECHA is looking for a Service Desk Officer for IT Support for industry and trainees for various ECHA units.


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