ECHA Weekly - 13 July 2016


ECHA Weekly

Call for evidence: formaldehyde releasers

The European Commission has requested ECHA to investigate formaldehyde releasers and their uses in EU. The aim of this work is to support the European Commission to decide whether to request ECHA to prepare an Annex XV dossier for restriction on formaldehyde and whether formaldehyde releasers should be part of this restriction dossier.

ECHA is inviting interested parties to submit any information related to formaldehyde releasers to help with the preparation of the dossier. The call for evidence consultation is open until 4 October 2016.

Current calls for comments and evidence | European Commission request


Authorisation granted for two uses of bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP)

The European Commission has granted authorisations to VinyLoop Ferrara S.p.A. (Italy), Stena Recycling AB (Sweden) and Plastic Planet srl (Italy), for the following two uses of bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (EC 204-211-0; CAS 117-81-7):

  • Formulation of recycled soft PVC containing DEHP in compounds and dry-blends.
  • Industrial use of recycled soft PVC containing DEHP in polymer processing by calendering, extrusion, compression and injection moulding to produce PVC articles.

The review period for the authorisations will expire on 21 February 2019. The Commission has made 47 authorisation decisions in total.

Decision of the European Commission | Adopted opinions

Chesar – all you need for chemical safety assessment

Do you have to register your chemicals under REACH? Do you need to communicate their safe use to your customers? Are you struggling to create your chemical safety assessments? Then Chesar is the tool for you. Chesar provides an all-in-one solution for chemical safety assessment under REACH. Watch and share our promotional video on the new Chesar tool in 23 EU languages.

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Further substances assessed by authorities

The public activities coordination tool (PACT) has been updated with information on seven substances that are undergoing risk management option analysis by authorities.

Public activities coordination tool


ECHA's role in assessing glyphosate

ECHA is responsible for managing the harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) process for hazardous chemical substances. Active substances in plant protection products normally have harmonised classification and labelling throughout the European Union. The German proposal to harmonise the classification for glyphosate is subject to a 45-day public consultation, which will end on 18 July 2016.

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Board of Appeal

Board of Appeal decision on the evaluation of a substance with potentially PBT properties

The decision of the Board of Appeal in case A-009-2014 concerns an ECHA decision following a substance evaluation which identified the substance concerned as potentially having PBT/vPvB properties. As a consequence, the ECHA decision requested information on the persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity of the substance.

The appellants claimed among others that some of the requested testing was unnecessary, that the contested decision required testing on forms of the substance that are not manufactured by the addressees of the ECHA decision, and that the tests requested are not expressed sufficiently clearly in the contested decision so the appellants would not know if they had done what was required of them.

The Board of Appeal partially annulled the contested decision and dismissed the remainder of the appellants' pleas. For the first time, the findings of the Board of Appeal directly change an ECHA decision rather than remitting the decision back to the Agency for re-evaluation.


Downstream users

Exposure scenario advice in all EU languages

Practical Guide 13 on how downstream users can handle exposure scenarios is now available in all 23 official EU languages. The guide has also been updated and material, which is now described more fully in other ECHA guidance and practical guides, has been removed.

Practical guides

Calls for information

ECHA updates targeted consultation on the harmonised classification and labelling of acetaldehyde

At its latest meeting ECHA's Committee for Risk Assessment requested further information on the proposal for harmonised classification and labelling of acetaldehyde (EC 200-836-8; CAS 75-07-0). The targeted consultation is now updated with additional background information. Interested parties are invited to submit comments by 25 July 2016.

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Stakeholders' Day: hear the latest on biocides

On 1 September, ECHA and the European Commission will provide the latest news and advice on regulatory developments, IT tools and enforcement of biocidal products. Three guest speakers will present practical case studies. See the full programme of our Biocides Stakeholders' Day and book your seat.

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REACH 2018

685 days until the REACH 2018 deadline


ECHA is looking for administrative assistants and seconded national experts


REACH 2018 webinar: Assess hazard and risk
20 July 2016

Biocides Stakeholders' Day
1 September 2016


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