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Create the full chemical safety report with the new IUCLID CSR plug-in

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The European Chemicals Agency launches a new version of the IUCLID chemical safety report (CSR) plug-in. With the new release, registrants are able to integrate information directly from the Chemical safety assessment and reporting tool (Chesar) to easily create the full chemical safety report.

Helsinki, 11 February 2013 – The new updated plug-in is especially beneficial to registrants using Chesar. Once the chemical safety assessment has been finalised in Chesar, it enables to merge the section 1 to 8 of the chemical safety report generated from IUCLID data with sections 9 and 10 generated in Chesar. In order to ensure consistency of information between the technical IUCLID dossier and the chemical safety assessment performed in Chesar, the plug-in also verifies all substance properties and reported uses. If necessary, uses assessed in Chesar are added directly into the right section of IUCLID with a simple mouse click.

The new release also permits the user to manage part A of the chemical safety report, containing the summary of risk management measures and related declarations, directly inside the plug-in itself.

To make best use of this updated plug-in, ECHA recommends using Chesar to prepare chemical safety assessments in order to improve consistency and standardisation of the chemical safety report.

More information about the functionalities of this update is available in Part 1 of the CSR plug-in user manual. Installation and user manuals are included in the installation package and can be downloaded from the IUCLID website.

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