Conference on "Lessons learnt on Applications for Authorisation"

Conference on "Lessons learnt on Applications for Authorisation"

10-11 February 2015 | Helsinki


The purpose of the conference was to get feedback on the functioning of the application for authorisation process from past, present and future applicants, Member State competent authorities, the Commission and stakeholders as well as ECHA and its scientific committees RAC and SEAC. The conference provided a forum to exchange experiences and discuss possible improvements to the process. It helped to build confidence and a shared understanding of the future operation of the application for authorisation process.

Date and venue

The conference was co-organised by ECHA and the European Commission and took place in the ECHA conference centre from 10 February (starting at 14:00) to 11 February (ending at 13:00) 2015.




Session 1.1

Session 1.2

Session 2.1

  • The interests and needs of future applicants by Elke Van Asbroeck (Apeiron)  Presentation [PDF] Handout [PDF] [View recording]
  • How to encourage future applicants to focus on substitution and innovation? by Frida Hök (Chemsec)  Presentation [PDF] [View recording]
  • Authorisation applications: process, learning lessons and suggestions by Aggie Kötze (International Lead Association and Eurometaux, Cefic and Amcham EU)  Presentation [PDF] [View recording]
  • Outlook of chromates applications by Martin Kleban (Lanxess)  Presentation [PDF] [View recording]

Session 2.2

  • 'Authorisation: the bare necessities' Project to come to a "Standardized Application for Authorisation" by Martin Hoffmann (Bayer Healthcare) and Aart Rouw (BAuA)  Presentation [PDF] [View recording]
  • Way forward (including implementing regulation) by Anna Borras-Herrero (European Commission)  Presentation [PDF] [View recording]
  • Outlook on implementation of application process going forward by Matti Vainio (ECHA)  Presentation [PDF] [View recording]
  • Conclusions by Björn Hansen (European Commission) and Jack de Bruijn (ECHA)  Presentation [PDF] [View recording]


Approximately 150 representatives of industry, accredited stakeholder organisations, the European Commission, Member State Competent Authorities and ECHA (secretariat and RAC/SEAC) attended the conference in person. In addition, more than 100 remote participants followed the conference through web-streaming.


For questions about the conference, please contact: application-authorisation [at]