Check which REACH guidance will still be updated

Check which REACH guidance will still be updated


A list of REACH guidance documents still subject to change before the last registration deadline is now available.

Helsinki, 23 May 2016 – As announced in March, ECHA will apply a two-year ‘moratorium' on updates to the majority of the Agency's guidance on REACH before the 31 May 2018 deadline. The moratorium on updates is set to begin on 31 May 2016.

ECHA has published a list of the REACH guidance documents that are or will be under consultation, and thus are not part of the standstill. The list shows the status of the documents and when the final version is expected to be published.

Draft guidance documents under consultation can be seen on the ECHA website and give an idea of the upcoming changes. Thus, they can already be useful to potential registrants for the 2018 deadline.

Any updates to the list will be announced in the ECHA Weekly.