Requesting an alternative chemical name in mixtures

Note that by 25 April 2017 an updated version of REACH-IT will be released. After the release, all alternative chemical name request dossiers, including requested updates, must be submitted using REACH-IT. To allow preparations for transitioning the dossier submission in the updated REACH-IT, the web form for alternative chemical name requests will be closed on 13 April. Hence, no requests can be submitted 13-24 April. Please take this into consideration when planning any submission of alternative chemical name request dossiers.


You can submit a request for the use of an alternative chemical name to ECHA for a substance in mixtures which are classified, labelled and packaged according to CLP.

Prepare your request with the latest version of IUCLID and submit it by using the specific web form below.

Important: A REACH-IT account is necessary for invoicing and communication.

Preparing a request

1. Create your account in REACH-IT if you do not have one.

2. Create an alternative chemical name request dossier in IUCLID.

The following information is required to be included in the dossier:

  • identity of the request submitter;
  • the proposed alternative chemical name;
  • identity and composition of the substance;
  • information on the classification and labelling of the substance;
  • the trade name(s) of the mixture(s) which contain the substance for which an alternative chemical name is requested;
  • the SDS of the substance for which an alternative chemical name is requested;
  • the SDS of the mixture(s) which contains the substance;
  • a justification demonstrating that the request submitter has a commercial interest worthy of protection for non-disclosure of the actual substance name; and
  • a justification demonstrating that the use of the alternative chemical name meets the need to provide enough information for necessary health and safety precautions to be taken in the workplace and the need to ensure that risks from handling the mixture can be controlled.

The proposed alternative chemical name can be a name which identifies the most important functional groups of the substance or an alternative designation.

Tip: When deriving the alternative name, it is recommended to use the "Lexicon guide" (Annex VI, Part B of the Dangerous Preparations Directive).

For further details on how to prepare the dossier, please see Manual: How to prepare a request for use of an alternative chemical name for a substance in mixture.

3. Submit the IUCLID file and the required attachments via the web form.

If you do not receive a confirmation message after submitting the request, contact the ECHA Helpdesk."

What happens next?

Upon receiving the request, ECHA will perform a virus check and a ‘Business Rules' check to verify that the dossier is complete and can be processed.

If the dossier passes the ‘Business Rules' check, ECHA will send you an invoice. When ECHA has received the payment, a decision on the request for use of an alternative name will be communicated to you within six weeks.

If ECHA does not accept the request for the use of an alternative chemical name, or if it later amends or withdraws its approval on the use of the alternative chemical name, a review of the decision can be requested. The request for review should be submitted within two months from receipt of the decision, and should be submitted using a specific webform.

Please note that ECHA will always send all communication related to the request, including the decision, via the REACH-IT messaging system directly to the requester.

Request for review of a decision on the use of an alternative chemical name