Tools to prepare and submit SCIP notifications

ECHA is developing IT tools to help duty holders prepare and submit information on articles that contain Candidate List substances in concentration above 0.1 % weight by weight.

If you need to submit information to the SCIP database, ECHA has created a harmonised IUCLID format to use.

There will be three ways to prepare to submit information to the database.

  • Preparing your notification online

ECHA Cloud services provide a IUCLID Cloud instance for preparing SCIP Notifications. Using the IUCLID Cloud to prepare your notifications is an option to prepare your notifications manually, especially if you are not familiar with IUCLID.

  • IUCLID 6 (Server & Desktop)

Your SCIP notification can also be prepared offline in your company’s own IT infrastructure. This method is better option if you are a SCIP notification submitter who already uses IUCLID.

  • System-to-system

SCIP notifications can also be created outside of IUCLID, following the SCIP format, integrated into other applications. This integration option is an option if you are an advanced user with many articles to notify and maintain. The files are created automatically and you can send them to the ECHA Submission portal using a specified system-to-system process.

The ECHA Submission portal (ECHA Cloud Service) is an online tool to submit SCIP notifications according to the harmonised format.


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