Candidate List Package

The information on Candidate List substances is provided in SCIP notifications by using a IUCLID reference substance entity. The Candidate List reference substances package is made available by ECHA for supporting SCIP notification submitters.

A reference substance is an entity in IUCLID that is used to identify a substance, in such a way that it may be re-used.

A reference substance can be created in IUCLID, but we recommend you, as a SCIP notification submitter, to use the Candidate List reference substances package provided by ECHA for your SCIP notifications and to import it into your own IUCLID instances. The material provided below will be always available in two compatible IUCLID versions (current and previous) and made available for you to download and align the reference substance datasets.

The available Candidate List reference substances package for SCIP notifications is aligned with each inclusion of additional substances of very high concern (SVHCs) to the official Candidate List.


What does the Candidate List reference substances package for SCIP notifications include?
  • Individual reference substance datasets package: is a compilation (ZIP) file of all Candidate List substances datasets (.I6Z), which can be imported individually or together into IUCLID.
  • Change log of Candidate List package: Summary of all the changes (additions, updates) in the Candidate list package.
  • Delta package: a compilation (ZIP) file with only new or updated reference substances datasets from one version to another.
  • List of reference substances included in the package.
  • Readme (TXT) file with additional information.


Content of the October 2020 Candidate List Package:


Are you using IUCLID 6?

If you are importing the Candidate List package for the first time we recommend to import a specific substance dataset or all together by using the Individual reference substance datasets October 2020 (308 ref. substances) compilation. Import the reference substance dataset in the same IUCLID format you are using:

  • the IUCLID 6.4 format package.
  • the IUCLID 6.5 format package from 26 October onwards.

If you already have imported reference substances from the previous SCIP Candidate List package you can use the Delta package reference substance datasets October 2020 (31 ref. substances) to import the new and updated reference substances.
Note: The updated reference substances will overwrite its previous version in your IUCLID instance.


Are you using System-to-system service?

Make sure that you use the reference substance of the same IUCLID format version as the rest of the submission.



SCIP Candidate List package history


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