Format SCIP

The SCIP format structures the information on articles that contain Candidate List substances in concentration above 0.1 % weight by weight that has to be submitted to ECHA.

The format is XML-based and defined taking into account the legal text of Article 9(1)(i) of the Waste Framework Directive, REACH Article 33(1), the Commission’s “Non-paper on the implementation of Articles 9(1)(i) and 9(2) of the revised Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC”, and ECHA’s Guidance on requirements for substances in articles.

The SCIP format is compatible with IUCLID, a tool developed by ECHA in collaboration with the OECD, which promotes the harmonisation of chemicals data. You can find additional information about this tool on the IUCLID website.

Format versioning

  • Version 2.0 of the SCIP format was published in October 2020. (IUCLID 6 v.5)

To help companies implement this format outside of the IUCLID tool, the following support materials are available:


SCIP format version history
  • SCIP format version 1.0 (IUCLID 6 version 4) [ZIP]October 2019
  • SCIP format annex – Picklists: October 2019 [XLSX] | [ZIP]
    Note that the XML list of picklist values contains all IUCLID phrases, not only the ones relevant for SCIP.