SME fees under REACH and CLP

Before you declare your company as an SME, make yourself familiar with the relevant EU definition. The Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC is the sole authentic basis for determining the conditions regarding qualification as micro, small or medium-sized enterprise.

For Only Representatives (ORs), the pertinent assessment of whether the fee reduction for SMEs applies shall be determined by the relevant data of the enterprise that is represented by that OR, including relevant information from linked and partner companies of that enterprise, in accordance with the Commission Recommendation.

It is important to get this right. If you wrongly declare your company size, you will have to pay an administrative charge and the balance to the correct fee. Remember that it is you, the registrant, that is entirely responsible for the correctness and authenticity of the information provided in the process of the dossier submission in REACH-IT. The Agency does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the advice given by third parties to determine your company size or the size of the company you represent as an Only Representative.

How to determine the company size category

Step-by-step instructions on assessing the company size category.


What to do if you incorrectly indicated the SME size category

If you indicated the incorrect company size category in REACH-IT, read the following instructions on how to inform ECHA.



SME verification

ECHA has the responsibility to check the size of the companies who claim to be eligible for SME fee reductions to ensure fair competition.


Administrative charges

Following the verification procedure on the declared SME size category, ECHA levies an administrative charge from any registrant who incorrectly claimed to be entitled to a fee reduction.