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EU inspectors trained on REACH and CLP duties of downstream users

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On 26 January 2011, the coordinators of national inspectors were trained on the REACH and CLP duties of downstream users of chemicals. The role of downstream users in providing information on substances - their hazards and the risks associated with using them - is crucial.

Helsinki, 31 January 2011 - Participants discussed practical examples and received a manual to promote a harmonized approach to enforcement across the European Economic Area. When inspecting downstream users, inspectors will check that they are complying with the responsibility to inform users about substances in mixtures. This includes information on whether the substances have been registered or not. CLP notification requirements will also be looked at. The training was organised within the framework of the second coordinated European enforcement project for REACH and CLP.

National inspectors will take advantage of this pan-European exercise to raise awareness about obligations for downstream users. 

Inspections at national level will start in summer 2011.


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