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The public consultation starts when ECHA publishes the broad information on uses applied for on its website, inviting interested parties to submit information on possible alternative substances or technologies for these uses.

The public consultation lasts for eight weeks and you have the opportunity to publicly respond to any comments received.

Draft opinions of RAC and SEAC

The Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) and the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) will prepare their draft opinions within 10 months of receiving the application. The Committees' opinions are based on the application, as well as any information received in the public consultation on possible alternatives and any additional information provided.

As part of this process, you may be

  • requested to provide further information to clarify issues related to your application,or
  • invited to participate in a trialogue with RAC and SEAC rapporteurs to discuss information generated through the public consultation or any technical or scientific issues with your application.

You may comment on the draft opinion within two months of receiving the draft opinion. RAC and SEAC adopt their final opinions taking into account your possible comments on the draft opinions. The Secretariat sends the opinions to the European Commission, the Member States and you. Non-confidential versions of the opinions are published on ECHA's website.

Participe durante el desarrollo del dictamen

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