Fulfil your obligations after European Commission’s decision

The European Commission prepares a draft authorisation decision within three months after receiving the opinions from ECHA. Following the draft decision, a minimum of 3 months is needed for the vote in the REACH Committee and the subsequent adoption procedure in the Commission. The whole decision-making process therefore takes approximately 6 months.

If the authorisation is granted by the European Commission, it is subject to the conditions described in the Chemical Safety Report submitted in the application and may be subject to certain additional conditions specified in the decision.

Upstream authorisation holders

Upstream authorisation holders must comply with the conditions of the decision and include the authorisation number on the label before they place the substance or the mixture containing the substance on the market.

They must also update the safety data sheet (SDS).

Downstream users

Downstream users of an authorisation must comply with the conditions of the decision and notify to ECHA their use of the substance within three months of the first supply of the substance. ECHA will keep a register of these notifications and give access to the Member State competent authorities. Downstream users should also keep in touch with their suppliers and provide them with information for a potential review report.

If the downstream users sell the substance further down in the supply chain, either on its own (following re-packaging) or in a mixture, they also have to pass on the information about the authorisation (in the SDS and the label) to their customers.

The efforts to find safer alternatives should continue also after the European Commission's decision has been taken.  All authorisation decisions have a time-limited review period. To continue using the substance after the end of the review period, a review report must be submitted at least 18 months before the end of the review period.