International Cooperation

Though the European Union can claim to have the most ambitious chemicals legislation in the world, it is nevertheless not alone in seeking to reduce risk and have chemicals used more safely. There is much that regulators can learn from each other and do together to harmonise the chemicals management in different parts of the world. ECHA shares experience with an increasing number of regulatory authorities in countries adopting chemicals safety legislation similar to REACH, CLP, Biocides and PIC Regulations. Our activities contribute to improving the quality of data submissions and classification and labelling thus enabling the safe manufacture and use of chemicals, as well as the ability of third country actors to identify and address chemicals of concern.

ECHA's international activities concentrate on the following five areas:

  • OECD-related work
  • Multilateral work on chemical safety
  • Support to EU external relations policies
  • Cooperation with peer regulatory agencies
  • Awareness raising for key countries outside the EU