Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios (ENES)

This collaborative network aims to identify good practices on preparing and implementing exposure scenarios, and to develop an effective communication exchange between supply chain actors to improve the protection of human health and the environment.

The network has been established by ECHA together with sector organisations Cefic, Concawe, Eurometaux, Fecc, and DUCC to share knowledge, techniques and approaches to building and applying (REACH) exposure scenarios.

Member States are active participants in the network as are several downstream end user sector organisations.

ECHA and these stakeholder organisations have developed a plan for improving the exchange of information up and down the supply chain, the ENES Work Programme to 2020.  

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The ENES activities are relevant to registrants, distributors, formulators and end users.  Main areas of focus are (i) the use map package, collecting information on the uses and the conditions of use of chemicals in sectors in a harmonised and structured way, (ii) exposure scenario content and format, and (iii) ways for communicating safe-use information on mixtures.

The ENES Work Programme to 2020 continues the work started under the ECHA-stakeholder CSR/ES Roadmap. 

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