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Updated Q&A on Inquiry and Substance Identification available

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ECHA has updated the Questions and Answers on Inquiry and has augmented it with a new section on substance identification. The revised document covers several topics that have proven difficult for inquirers. This is one of many steps undertaken by ECHA to reduce the backlog of open inquiries.

Helsinki, 28 June 2011 - The title of the updated version has been revised to "Questions and Answers on Inquiry and Substance Identification". The new section provides specific instructions on how to present the substance identity information correctly in the dossiers.

Based on ECHA's experience so far, many inquiries cannot be assessed due to missing or inconsistent information in the dossiers. ECHA hopes that this updated Q&A will help inquirers to improve the quality of their dossiers.

Furthermore, ECHA has recently published on its website the recording of a webinar on the inquiry process under REACH. This webinar outlines the basics of the inquiry process and highlights the most frequently observed deficiencies related to substance identification.

ECHA is also revising and streamlining its working procedure on inquiries and reinforcing the staffing of the unit concerned with the view to reduce the backlog of open inquiries.



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