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ECHA publishes the analysis of substances that were not registered by the first deadline despite the reported intentions

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Some 1500 substances, identified to be registered according to a survey carried out in April 2010, were not registered by the first registration deadline. The Directors' Contact Group (DCG) agreed to conduct an analysis of the reasons, and ECHA publishes the results today.

Helsinki, 21 September 2011 - DCG carried out a survey in spring 2010 to focus the estimates of substances intended to be registered by the first registration deadline. The list was assembled from different sources. After the deadline, ECHA reported a gap of about 1500 substances, which represented 30% of all the intentions. Mandated by the DCG, ECHA has analysed the discrepancy between the intended and the realised registrations of phase-in substances.

ECHA will now publish the list of those substances that were identified to be registered by the first registration deadline but have not been registered yet. The coordinated efforts of ECHA, industry associations and Member State Competent Authorities have to date produced information for over 1200 substances and the explanations are given in the list. ECHA was unable to trace the reason for non-registration for the remainder of the substances due to lack of feedback.

The list will not be updated. Therefore, downstream users interested in the status of their substance(s) should first check the list of registered substances, which is updated regularly. Only following this check, should they look for a potential explanation for non-registration in the list published today.


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