Preconfigured IUCLID 5 available for applications for authorisation


ECHA has released a Preconfigured IUCLID 5 for AfA to support industry, in particular small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), in creating applications for authorisation.

Helsinki, 20 January 2015 – This new way of providing IUCLID 5 aims to help companies that do not yet have IUCLID 5 installed, particularly SMEs, to prepare dossiers for applications for authorisation (AfA).

The Preconfigured IUCLID 5 for AfA is available on the IUCLID 5 website. It provides a fully functioning IUCLID 5 that runs on Microsoft Windows computers without the need to install any other software, to perform multiple configuration steps, or to have administrator rights. It allows companies to get IUCLID 5 up and running as quickly as possible, and also supplies partially pre-filled datasets for the substances in the Authorisation List.

The Preconfigured IUCLID 5 for AfA is intended as a supplementary means of support. It is not intended to replace the most recent version of IUCLID 5 or existing installations, which can still be used to prepare dossiers for applications for authorisation, if the user so prefers.

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