Notify the use of food and feed as repellents or attractants


Corrigendum: Biocidal products containing substances for which no valid declaration of interest to notify was submitted to ECHA can no longer be used after 30 April 2017.

If you intend to make available on the market any of the twenty active substances listed by ECHA as repellents or attractants, you need to notify the Agency by 24 February 2017 to include them in the biocides Review Programme.

Helsinki, 31 August 2016 – By the end of October 2015, companies had to submit a declaration of interest to notify ECHA if they wanted to include substances consisting of food or feed(*) in the Review Programme for use in repellents or attractants (product-type 19).

Based on the valid declarations received by the deadline, ECHA has published a list of those substances eligible to be included in the Review Programme. There are 20 substances in total, including lemon oil, honey, vinegar and skimmed milk powder.

For these 20 substances, a notification has to be made to ECHA by 24 February 2017. To notify, prepare your file in IUCLID 6 and then submit it in the biocides submission tool, R4BP 3.

ECHA will assess the received notifications for compliance and inform the European Commission. The European Commission will have the final decision on whether to include a substance in the Review Programme.

If no valid notification is received by the deadline, the corresponding substances will have to be removed from the market within 12 months from ECHA’s publication of the list of these substances.

For substances for which no valid declaration of interest to notify was submitted to ECHA by the October 2015 deadline, the biocidal products containing such substances as repellent or attractant will no longer be allowed to be made available on the EU market after 30 October 2016 and no longer be used after 30 April 2017.

You can contact the ECHA Helpdesk for support.

* ‘Food or feed’ means any edible substance or product of plant or animal origin, which is intended or expected to be ingested by humans or animals. These substances benefitted from a derogation as provided for by Article 6 of Regulation (EU) No 1451/2007.


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