Submit your application

Submit your application


Step 1.

Create your account in REACH-IT if you do not have one. If you already have an account, ensure that all information is up-to-date.

Note that ECHA will use the company size stated in your REACH-IT account to determine the fee for your application.


Step 2.

Create your IUCLID dossier.

Follow the instructions in the manual. 


Step 3.

Submit your application through REACH-IT.

Follow the instructions in the manual.

For joint applications, follow the instructions in step 4.

Send your application during the first days of the submission window to make sure you have passed the business rules check by the latest application date for your substance.

Step 4.

If you are part of a joint application, follow the steps in the graph below.

If you are not part of a joint application, skip this step and go directly to point 5.

A detailed description of these steps is available in the instructions document. All steps by submitting applicant and co-applicants should be completed by using REACH IT. 

Submitting AfASubmit your application through REACH-IT as a joint applicationProvide information on the use, scope and role in the supply chainSend the joint application name and security token to co-applicants for them to confirm their participationLogin to REACH-IT and confirm participation by providing information on the use, scope and role in the supply chainWait until all co-applicants have given their informationReview and finalise the joint application in REACH-ITsubmitting applicantco-applicants

Step 5.

Finalise the broad information on uses.

After you have passed the business rules check and before the invoice is sent, ECHA will review the proposed 'brief wording' on the broad information of uses that will be published on ECHA's website.

Once an initial version of the 'brief wording' has been established by ECHA, you will be invited to provide comments within a specified deadline. ECHA will use your comments as a basis for finalising the 'brief wording' and communicate the final version to you.

Notices about the 'brief wording' of the broad information on uses and the invoice are sent to you through REACH-IT messages.

Step 6.

Pay the invoice by the date mentioned in it.

Business rules check, latest application date and invoice

The business rules check aims to ensure that your application fulfils a set of administrative pre-requisites. Your application needs to pass this step before ECHA can handle the application properly and carry out the required regulatory processes. Note that passing the business rules check provides confirmation only that your dossier can be accepted for processing, not that it is complete.

After ECHA has done these checks, it will calculate the authorisation application fee for you and send the invoice. If you wish to benefit from the transitional arrangements of Article 58(1)(c)(ii) of REACH, you should submit your application to ECHA well in advance of the latest application date so that you still have time to re-submit before the latest application date if your application fails the business rules (see Q&As 571 and 572 for more details). The fee has to be paid by the date mentioned in the invoice.

SME verification

The application for authorisation process follows the same SME verification conditions as the REACH registration process. If you claim to be eligible for a fee reduction, ECHA will verify the size category of your company. If you wrongly declare to be an SME, ECHA will collect an administrative charge from you – on top of fee applicable to the correct company size category.