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Updated tools: New IUCLID service release

Helsinki, 7 February 2022 - A new service release of IUCLID 6 (version 6.8.0) includes improvements and fixes that are relevant to SCIP users such as:

  • Alignment of the validation assistant with the official Candidate List update on 17 January.
  • A fix on the user interface view of the article category (no impact on the format).

    Note for System-to-System users: The fix in the article category user interface corrected one error in the hierarchy used to provide the full text display for a picklist entry. The format was not affected, i.e. no modifications of the phrase ids or the phrase texts were done. You may need to check if there is an impact on your own implementation of the article category hierarchical model. We have just published the new picklist with the correct information. The erroneous entry was “9300000000 - Arms and ammunition; parts and accessories thereof”, and, as such, all its descendants appeared at the wrong position in the IUCLID user interface. The new picklist file is available at:
  • New format checks (as announced in December to the S2S LinkedIn group):
  1. Verification that the version of the legislation from manifest.xml files corresponds to the version of the document definition from the .i6d files included in the dossier i6z file.
  2. Verification that the version of the document definition is the same in all of the .i6d files included in the dossier i6z file. Note that it is not enough to only increase the version number. All documents need to conform with the corresponding format version. Some of the documents commonly found to be formatted in a different version are, for example, reference substances and legal entity files.
  3. Verification that all existing attachments are declared in the manifest.xml file and that the declared MD5 checksums are the same as the actual attachments. Make sure your attachments are in line with the recommendations published in the IUCLID developer guide.

If a submitted dossier does not pass the above checks, the submission will fail. To verify whether your dossier conforms with the new checks, you may import it into the latest version of IUCLID 6 and check the log files in case of an error. If you need further support, contact the ECHA Helpdesk.

You can access the full release notes and download the new version of IUCLID from the IUCLID website. Installations for users of ECHA Cloud services will be automatically upgraded during the week of the release.