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Tonnage band changes may now be taken into account during dossier evaluation process

Companies that downgrade the tonnage band in their registrations after ECHA has communicated the draft decision to them will need to prove the volume of their substance.  

Helsinki, 27 July 2022 - ECHA may now take changes to registrants’ tonnage band information into account until the date an adopted dossier evaluation decision has been communicated to such registrants. This change follows a decision by the Board of Appeal. Tonnage band information is needed to determine the information requirements that companies must fulfil.

If registrants want ECHA to take a change to their tonnage band into account after they have received a draft dossier evaluation decision, they need to communicate this to the Agency and update their dossiers. If they downgrade their tonnage band, they will also need to provide evidence showing the volume of their substance that was imported or manufactured over the preceding calendar year. 

Once the adopted dossier evaluation decision has been communicated to registrants, they must fulfil all information requirements as outlined in the decision, regardless of any tonnage band change or cease of manufacture that may occur afterwards.

More information and instructions are available in the updated practical guide as well as questions and answers on ECHA’s website.